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Where to Live in Panama

Panama City is the country’s capital and definitely place for those who like the stimulation of living in a modern cosmopolitan metropolis. It is home to more than half of the country’s population and a bustling center of international banking and commerce. The original city was founded the the Spaniard Pedro Arias Dávila in 1519.

Panama City runs about 7 miles along the Pacific Coast, with Panama Bay (La Bahía de Panamá) on the south, the Panama Canal on the west and the ruins of Panamá la Vieja to the east. Most avenues run parallel to the coast with streets running perpendicularly.

Modern day Panama City boasts a wide range of architecture, from stately 16th century homes in Casco Viejo, the oldest part of the city, to the city’s imposing Miami-like string of high-rise buildings. Prestigious neighborhoods like Alto de Golf, Dos Mares abound with greenery and flowers. Other areas as Obarrio, Campo Alegre, Paitilla and El Cangrejo teem with interesting buildings and designs.

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Living and Inventing in Panama
Living and Inventing in Panama
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