• Enjoy pristine tropical white and dark sand beaches with 70 degree water...

  • Excellent business opportunities and infrastructure with incentives...

  • The most modern and prosperous cities in Latin America with over one million people.

  • Ships pull into ports on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts during the cruise season that runs roughly from early October to late May.

  • Panama's excellent location, in the center of the Americas, contributes to the availability of a wide range of options to reach Panama.


Panama City is one of  the world’s least expensive first-world cities. It is also among the most  modern and prosperous cities in Latin America with over one million people. The city’s array of tall skyscrapers are reminiscent of Miami. It boasts incredible shopping where almost any product from the U.S. may be easily found.

  • Generous discounts on products and services for retirees.
  • A world-class banking system with a high-degree of secrecy.
  • Many real estate options.
  • Excellent business opportunities with incentives.
  • A wealth of activities to stay busy and happy.
  • Warm climate.
  • Excellent infrastructure in the cities. 

A number of Americans currently call Panama their home. This is not surprising since the Panama Canal Zone was under U.S. control until the year 2000. So, the country has always had a strong American presence. 

If you’re tired of cold weather you’ll be happy to know Panama is hot and sometimes  humid in the lowlands with cooler year-round temperatures being found in a couple of mountain areas like Boquete in the north. 

Panama Retirement Tours

With a guided retirement tour, you are assured of seeing the areas of the country where most retirees settle and are given information about the advantages and disadvantages of living in each area.  This knowledge is often difficult assess without being able to ask questions of someone who can give you accurate and unbiased information. 

The start of your retirement tour will be in Panama City, the capital of the country.  Although Panama City has the best medical services and shopping, many retirees choose not live there and prefer areas like Coronado.  From Panama City  the tour continues to the mountain town of Boquete, the other popular area with retirees. 

On these tours you'll meet others who have made the move,  see what it is actually like to live here and be given a whole slew of valuable contacts for making the move seamlessly.  You'll also learn how to save money and live for less. All in all, you'll have the most complete and informative time in determining if you are a candidate for retirement in Panama. A Christopher a Howard endorsed retirement tour  is the first logical step for those thinking of living or retiring in Panama.

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